Shuffleboard Supplies

  • Shuffleboard Beads: Applying these beads to a concrete court before playing can drastically improve the speed of a shuffleboard court. Choose for glass or plastic beads.
  • Disc Wax: Spreading disc wax on the bottom of your shuffleboard discs reduces friction and improves the speed of the discs. 
  • Plastic or Wood Disc Carriers: Durable disc carriers that fit our sets of 6" discs. 
  • 36" Court Squeegee: Commercial grade 36" court squeegee for clearing water off courts
  • Nella Seal Court Wax: Protect your concrete shuffleboard courts and help your discs glide by applying Nella Seal #2 Court Wax to the playing areas.
  • Shuffleboard Court Stencil 6': This reusable plastic stencil is for painting the scoring triangles with numbers along with the lag lines of a 6 foot wide shuffleboard. 
  • Wax Applicator: For applying wax to shuffleboard courts. Can be purchased with or without a handle.
  • Chalk/Eraser Tray: Plastic tray with hardware for attaching to a scoreboard or other available surface.