Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the measurements of a shuffleboard court?

Regulation size shuffleboard courts are 52 feet long by 6 feet wide. Generally the base lines of the each scoring area are 39 feet apart with each end (head/foot) having a 6 foot 6 inch standing/shooting area. However, our poly-courts can be customized to fit your space. 

How long is a regulation shuffleboard cue?

By regulation, a shuffleboard cue cannot exceed 6 feet, 3 inches. Most shuffleboard associations require tournament players to play with a shuffleboard cue that is equal to or less than this length.

Which cue is right for me?

There are a number of factors that influence which cue is best for you. Are you a professional player? A recreation center? A shuffleboard bar? A weekend player (until you retire, at least)? We have cue for any skillset or environment. Give us a call to discuss which option is best for your specific needs.

What is the difference between the different shaft types?

For our one piece cues, we offer three different types of shafts: gold, bronze, and fiberglass.

Both the gold and bronze shafts are made from anodized aluminum and are very sturdy. The bronze shaft has a slightly thicker wall than the gold shafts. These shafts, while incredibly sturdy, can be bent when not treated properly. 

Our fiberglass shafts come in blue, yellow, or black. This shaft is much more flexible than the aluminum shaft, so it is less likely to bend if mistreated. However, because of this flexibility, some players note that it has a floppy feel to it that is not as rigid as the aluminum shafts. 

What are beads and why are they used?

We sell two types of beads: Speed Beads (plastic beads- either treated with silicone or dry) and Shuffle Beads (glass micro beads). Shuffle Beads are used on concrete courts. Silicone treated Speed Beads are also used on outdoor courts, but may be more helpful in windy conditions. Dry Speed Beads are used on Rollout Courts or other indoor surfaces (such as wood or tile) where you may not want the added silicone. Shuffleboard beads help reduce surface friction, causing discs to glide more quickly across the court.

Beads should only be used on the courts and cleaned up immediately after play to prevent accidental falls. 

What is the difference between disc wax and court wax? Do I need to use both?

Disc wax is a hard wax that is applied to the bottom of the disc between play in order to improve the speed of the disc by reducing friction. Court wax is a liquid wax that is applied to concrete courts (at least once a year). Regular application protects the court's paint and surface from weather and wear from discs. While court wax is primarily used to protect your court, you will notice increased disc speed when applied regularly.

How long should I wait between applying layers of wax to my court?

We generally say you should wait a few hours between applications. A good rule of thumb is to wait until the most recently applied coat is dry to the touch. Dry wax is clear, so if you see any white patches, you should probably let that coat sit a little longer. 

How do I remove wax from my shuffleboard court?

For concrete courts, you can use Tri Sodium Phosphate (TSP), which is available at any hardware store. This will strip the wax from the court surface. For a less abrasive remover, water, dish soap, and some elbow grease will take the wax off of concrete as well. 

Do you sell shuffleboard courts?

Yes! We sell two types of courts: vinyl rollout courts and plastic poly courts.

Rollout courts come in a variety of sizes and weights. These courts are ideal for when you want to put a shuffleboard court down temporarily and store it away for use later. It is recommended that you only use rollout courts on very smooth, level surfaces. Any debris or bumps underneath the court will start to wear into the surface of the court as discs are shot across it in game play.

We also sell plastic poly courts, which are made from interlocking tiles with a low friction surface. Poly courts are great for both temporary play and semi-permanent installation. These courts come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be customized to fit almost any space. Unlike other plastic sport surfaces, our poly courts were engineered specifically for shuffleboard- utilizing friction reducing domes to help discs glide more effortlessly across the surface.

Do you paint shuffleboard courts?

No, but if you contact us we can refer you to a company that does. If you are painting your own court, we do offer stencilscourt wax, and applicators.

Where can I go to buy your equipment?

We accept orders through this website and over the phone. If you are in the Tampa Bay area, feel free to swing by our store in Seminole, FL to see our entire product line.

How do I play shuffleboard?

Excellent question! We have resources available to help you learn the game.

Why do you have to contact me to finalize my order?

Shuffleboard equipment has some unique shipping concerns due to the length and weight of many of our items. Because a 1-piece cue exceeds the standard shipping length, a special handling charge is applied. This means that in order to ship 1 (or 6) 1-piece cues, it costs around $30. Also, if an order includes wax and beads and discs and cues, we will package those the most cost efficient way so that our customers are paying as little in shipping as possible. After you place your order, we will go and make sure that we have everything packed as efficiently as possible and then contact you with your total.

My order arrived in an Amazon/Chewy/other retailer box and wrapped in newspaper. Why?

Because we try to be good citizens of the world, we do try to use recycled packaging materials when we can- including boxes and box stuffing. 

Do you repair shuffleboard equipment?

Yes, we do! Cue repairs often take the skill of a master cuesmith, so we may not always be available to repair cues on-demand. It is best to give us a call before coming in to make sure that someone will be available to repair your cue that day. 

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